I tend to dread Mondays, as I’ve said before.  Amanda works a full day on Mondays, which means I have to try to work while watching Milly the whole time.  I don’t tend to get too much done on Mondays, leading me to work later, plus we tend to have more work to do on Mondays because of things that come in over the weekend.  I neglected to mention it, but I actually did some work late Saturday night this past weekend.

All that said, Milly was really very good today.  Sure, there were a few times she wasn’t happy just sitting around, particularly from about 3:00-3:30, when she finally fell asleep.  Of course, I had to wake her up at 4:00 to feed her.  But she really was pretty happy today for the most part.  She was very talkative when I first got her up and she gave me a big grin just about every time I looked her way.  On top of that, I was able to get three proposals out today, so I’m pretty satisfied with all that I was able to get done.  I’ve got one client that I really need to respond to though, as far as some emails go.  I wanted to get to them today, but there were a number of updates and various other items that needed tending to and I just wasn’t able to get to all of them.

The new oven arrived today, and the new oven (along with the two old ones) left about half an hour or so later.

I was very happy with the service.  Lowes called around 7:45 and said they’d be here with the oven between 9 and 11:00.  They were here almost right at 9:00, and Andy, one of the deliverers, went above and beyond.  The oven took a plug, but he saw and figured out that we could use the cord I electrocuted myself disconnecting last night.  He called around and decided that he could actually hook it up for me.  (Not that I’d have minded doing it myself, since I now know how and the fuse is still tripped.)  So we got it all set and when he went to push it into the gaping hole in my counter we discovered… that the gap was too small.  It needs about half an inch on either side, which is not going to be the easiest thing, I think.

Andy said they should have some narrower ovens at Lowes, but when we called later on they said that’s no longer the case.  Earl said he’d come down here to work on it on Wednesday.  Amanda’s dad, Phil, may come at some point too.  Right now though, we’re without a stove or oven.  Charles from across the street said he’d stop by tomorrow to see if he could lend any assistance or advice tomorrow afternoon.  Anyway, we’ll be able to set up a time for them to bring the oven back once we’ve got everything squared away on our end.  We all just figured ovens came in one standard size.  Well, apparently they do now but they didn’t used to.

Amanda and I ate leftover white chili and watched a bit of TV tonight, with V being of particular note.

More new Milly stuff.  She stood up a couple times today without me holding her.  Sure, I propped her up against her fortress (which is what I’m calling her round thing with all the toys on it) and the back door, but she kept her leg straight and held herself on her own.  She didn’t do it long enough for me to take any pictures though.

She also sat in the little front porch chair Ben and Jessica got for her.  She leaned a little to one side, but she was able to stay up by herself.  I wouldn’t leave her alone like that just yet, but she did pretty good.  I sat her in the chair when I knew Amanda was just about home so she could be greeted with that site, which she appreciated.

College basketball officially started tonight and was kicked off with a Carolina game against Florida International.  FIU is nobody right now, but Isiah Thomas just took over coaching there so it wouldn’t be surprising if they pulled in some good recruiting classes in the next few years.  That said, they’re not a good team right now, and the Heels didn’t look all that impressive in their 88-72 victory.  Again, I’m sure they’ll gel and turn into a good team sometime later in the season, but I really wouldn’t be surprised to see them drop out of the top 15 at some point.

Zach Dotsey