Milly was overall pretty good again today.  I could get used to that.

In other Milly news, Amanda swears that our baby fit into size two diapers this morning, but they’re too small for her.  She went out and bought some size threes.  Wait, you say.  Don’t you guys use reusable diapers?  Indeed we do, but for night time and when we’re taking Milly out for an extended period of time, we tend to use disposables.  The cloth ones could be better at trapping moisture, plus we have to store them somewhere when we go out.

We tried feeding Milly some more food today.  After she finished eating her lunchtime meal we tried feeding her some rice cereal and some mashed banana baby food.  She didn’t get much of either one down.  A little later she was sitting on the couch while I worked and Amanda was putting away the dishes and she made some loud noise, not quite a burp.  Less than sixty seconds later she had her first projectile vomiting.  It was all milky and shot out a good foot, drenching her onesie and the couch cushion she was sitting on.

Charles came over today to give his input on the oven situation.  His suggestion is actually to score the wall then move that section of the cabinets and counter into the wall.  Really not a bad idea.

I had picked up some dog and cat food this afternoon, but when Amanda went to feed the dogs she discovered that the dog food bag was unsealed, so she took it back for another one.

We had small group tonight at our house.  Mike was out of town for work, but we still had some really good and relevant tangents, along with good on-topic discussions.

In the news, Sesame Street turned 40 today.  I don’t think I was really big into Sesame Street.  I think I was turned off by how grungy the place was.

Also in the news, John Allen Muhammad, the infamous DC sniper, who, along with teenager Lee Boyd Malvo, terrorized the Washington DC area back in 2002 by sniping random people and killing ten of them, was put to death tonight.

And finally in the news, a memorial service was held for the people who were murdered at Fort Hood last week.

Zach Dotsey