I heard Milly crying early this morning.  It’s become such an uncommon thing for her to wake up crying that in my half-asleep state I knew that something must be wrong, so I threw off the covers, bounded out of bed and was across the room and in the nursery feeling like I hadn’t even taken a step.

She was fine, of course.  She was turned so that her head was pressed up against the slats of the crib.  I gave her her sweetmaker, covered her back up, turned on the mobile, gave her a kiss and she went right back to sleep.

Amanda called out of work today, not feeling well at all.  I ran out early and picked up some juice and Lysol wipes for her.  She was afraid of getting Milly sick, of course.  Later on I went out to pick up some KFC for lunch for us.

I called Lowes early this morning to see about them delivering the stove today, but they don’t have anything open until Monday.  I arranged to meet up with Nick to pick it up, but as I was pulling into Lowes he called (from work) and said that his wiper blades were out.  It wasn’t really raining, but it was misting enough that it would have been really hard for him to see while driving, so I went out and picked him up from PC3, where he works, which isn’t very far from Lowes.  While I was there I got a sneak peek at Expressions, an art exhibit the church is putting on with works submitted by people who go there.  I meant to submit something myself.

Anyway, the plan now is for us to go out and get the stove in the morning.  Hopefully it won’t be raining.  Amanda cleaned up the kitchen tonight, so all that’s really left to do is to install the oven.

I drove Nick over here to the house and Amy and Eli came shortly after bearing enchiladas.  Milly had been napping and was fussy when she woke up.  I set her in front of Eli, who was enjoying her fortress, and she started to get upset.  Amy said something to her and she started wailing.  Maybe she was just tired still.

It was nice to hang out with the Warkentiens tonight.  All we really did was watch Thursday night TV, but it seems like it’s been forever since we’ve spent any time with them.

Speaking of Thursday night TV, Community is really coming along and I think tonight’s episode was the best so far.  The Office was really good too, and 30 Rock was solid as always.  We started watching late and haven’t watched Parks and Recreation yet.

There’s a good bit going on tomorrow.  Aunt Robbie’s coming for a visit and will get to meet Milly for the first time.  Harrison Barnes will be announcing what school he’ll be going to, which is hopefully Duke, and if it’s not Duke, it’s hopefully anywhere but UNC.  Duke’s first real game of the season is tomorrow against my dearly beloved UNCG.  (No question that I’ll be rooting for the Blue Devils, of course.)

Speaking of Duke, Nolan Smith, as I think I might have mentioned, is out the first two games for playing in some unsanctioned games this summer and the news came today that Mason Plumlee fractured his wrist and will be out for a few weeks, which really sucks.  He’ll be out through a few big games.  Mason’s expected to have a pretty big freshman year and this could set his early development back.  On a possible plus side, this could net some minutes for a few of the other guys and lead to them developing more than they would have.

Zach Dotsey