First, here are the good things about my day.

  • Aunt Robbie came to visit.  She lives and Delaware and this is the first time she’s seen Milly since Milly was in Manda’s belly.
  • Adam came by for dinner.  Even though he only lives across town I don’t get around to seeing my little brother enough.
  • Amanda took care of me by getting some Gatorade and Sprite.  (See below, where I’m feeling crappy.)
  • Duke beat the socks off UNCG with two starters out.  (Not that it was surprising that they beat UNCG so handily.)  Olek Czyz was in the starting lineup, which was a shock.

Here are the things that sucked about my day, which was Friday the 13th.

  • I woke up feeling nauseous.  That ended up leading to quite a number of trips to the bathroom, including one for some spewage.  I’m still not feeling great, but I’m feeling a bit better.
  • I picked Nick and Eli up to go pick up his truck and to get the stove.  We dropped Eli off for Amanda to watch while Nick and I did the rest (as Amy was working this morning).  We got to Lowes and waited for quite a while, only to find out that, since the paperwork had our stove being delivered Monday, they shipped it out to someone else and were out of our model.  That really bit.
  • As I mentioned, I felt pretty crummy today and that made work tough, especially since it was pretty busy for a Friday.
  • I didn’t get to eat Amanda’s salad and teriyaki chicken with pineapple because I really didn’t want to eat, being sick in the stomach.
  • Since we didn’t have a stove we had to use the grill, which ran out of gas.  On the plus, Adam was kind enough to go get some more, along with some Pepto for me.

Here’s the worst thing that happened today.

  • Harrison Barnes, who most recruiting analysts though was a prototypical Duke kid and who, along with Kyrie Irving would have kick-started another Duke golden age, decided to go to the absolute worst school he could go to, that being Carolina, who showed up very late in the recruitment.  That sucks so bad.  I thought, “Hey, my day has been so overwhelmingly sucky that it’s got to turn around and Barnes will declare for Duke.”  Nope.  Very, very disappointing.

This has been the worst day I’ve had in a very long time.

Zach Dotsey