Church was just amazing today.  Mike Ashcraft wrapped up a series on an in-depth look at Jesus and at the end a guy came out and painted two pictures.  It’s better to show it than to describe it, and you have to see him paint the pictures, so I’ll wait until there’s video available of it and post it here then.

After we got back from church Amanda fixed us some bagels for breakfast.  Amanda set a cup of apple juice down as she sat down to eat, but Harvey knocked it over.  We put him outside and cleaned it up, then Amanda poured herself another cup of apple juice, and as she was sitting down to eat, she knocked that one over too.  I was talking to Barry right after it happened and he suggested we make her drink from a sippy cup.

After lunch we went over to the Frazelle house.  Of course, it wasn’t that simple.  Milly was fussy, which may have to do with not having pooped in two days now.  She slept a lot, too, so if she doesn’t go by tomorrow morning I’ll probably call the pediatrician.  Anyway, on top of that Amanda had to run back into the house because she forgot… something, I can’t remember what, and then as we started going she realized that she’d left her sunglasses, which she’d want since she was going to walk on the beach with Anna.

We hung out for a bit then Barry and I went out surfing.  I am so woefully out of shape.  I mean, I felt like I was just starting out once I finally got out past the breakers.  Paddling is not a muscle action that’s very commonly used in everyday life.

I scared myself a bit on the first wave I tried to catch.  I should mention first that as we were leaving the house, Amanda and I recounted what a terrible week we’ve had with illnesses and such and I said I hope nothing happened while I was out surfing.  So, the first wave I went for I wiped out on, which isn’t any big deal, but I got rolled around a bit under the water and my leash wrapped itself around both of my legs while I was still in water that was over my head.  I felt a moment of panic, but the leach pretty much unwrapped itself and I was fine, of course.  I went on to catch a few pretty good waves.  It was fun, but a bit crowded as time went on.  I think Barry and I were out there about an hour.  I really enjoyed getting out in the water and told Amanda (mainly because of how noobish I felt from not being able to paddle like I could before) to make sure not to let me go so long without surfing again.

Milly was sleeping in the stroller by the beach access with Amanda and Anna sitting next to it after they finished their walk.  We all headed back to the Frazelle house then the girls took off on another walk, this time just on the street I think.  We all hung out for a little while until I got a call from Mike Paschal at church.  He said one of the evening camera ops was a no-show and asked if I could man it.  I checked with Amanda to see if we had anything going on then called Nick to see if he could give me a ride back home after the final service then told Paschal I could do it.

Amanda dropped me off then headed home.  It took me a minute to track down everyone I needed to know where I was needed and to get instructions, but I got it and all went well.  Well, it mostly went well.  Mike Ashcraft got sick early in the 6:00 service (which may be the bug we had or it may have been from a trip to Mexico I heard he just got back from) and they ended up playing a recording of the 4:00 service, but the end with the painting I think was just as powerful.  I didn’t see the 11:00 service, but at each of the services I did see, people were taking pictures of the paintings with digital cameras and camera phones afterwards.

After the service I talked to Paul and Meagan Wicker, whom I haven’t seen in a while.  Their daughter Hannah’s face has just about caught up with her cheeks.  (Amanda and I loved her huge cheeks!)  I also met one of the couples in Nick and Amy’s new small group.  Their little girl was saying, “lalalalalala” and was very friendly.  She’s eight months old.

Nick took me home, and when I got out I almost shook his hand, but I pulled it back and said it was just weird to do that with him.  Not that I have anything against shaking hands at all, but we hang out more than that.  Shaking hands is more of a polite greeting sort of thing, whereas we’re on a hugging basis with the Warkentiens.

Amanda’s stomach was bothering her when I got home, which sucks.  Hopefully she’s not getting sick again.  Speaking of that, Aunt Robbie called me and told me that what I had the other day wasn’t food poisoning, because she and Adam now have it.  The good news for them is that it does seem to just be a 24-hour bug.

We’ve figured out so far that Amanda got it first, then she gave it to her grandma, Anna, Kirsten and me.  I in turn gave it to Adam and AR.  I warned Nick, because he was with me the day I was sick.  Fortunately Milly doesn’t seem to have in.  In fact, as I mentioned previously, she seems to have the opposite problem.

Milly, by the way, was very talkative today at the Frazelles’ and when I got home.  I hated to put her to bed, she was being so happy and conversational.

Zach Dotsey