Milly was as talkative when she woke up this morning as she was when she went to bed last night.  It was very cute.  She was up and down the rest of the day, real happy and talkative and smiles one minute, screaming like she was on fire the next.  It didn’t get bad until later in the day though, so I figured if I called in some help at that point it wouldn’t make much of a difference.  I still got everything I wanted to get done at work finished eventually, so it worked out.

Amanda and I watched Duke beat Coastal Carolina 74-49 (and I had actually called a 25 point win with Nolan Smith and Mason Plumlee out).  It started off really sloppy, but Singler is just a filthy beat and Scheyer has yet to have a turnover on the season.  The big story of the night though was that it took a last-second shot by John Wall for Kentucky to beat the Miami (Ohio) RedHawks.

Our neighbor Bonnie has pneumonia.  She was going to watch our pets this weekend, but she’s not able to s owe were sort of scrambling to find someone else to do it.  Michael might do it, but apparently some fleas have spread to his apartment so hopefully that problem will be taken care of before then.

I had a little mood tonight.  I don’t know exactly what it was, but I was tired of it.  Amanda had just gone to bed and I came downstairs, got on the couch and just had this wave of negativity, no, it was negative but it wasn’t negativity.  I don’t know, I just felt weary about things.  I was annoyed and a little angry.  Bruce cuddled up with me on the couch and it went away after a few minutes.  Does that sound crazy?

Oh, Milly ended her poopless streak today.  I’m pretty conservative with baby wipes and it took me five of them to get it all up.  I’ve got one word: spackle.

Zach Dotsey