There’s been some really good basketball over the past 24 hours.  I mean, Duke dominated UNC-Charlotte (101-59) tonight in Nolan Smith’s return to action, which I DVR’ed since we were going to small group, but right now I’m watching Memphis, unranked, trailing by only five points to Kansas, the number one team in the nation right now.  Elliot Williams, who transferred from Duke this season to be at home for his very sick mother, is doing really well.

Unranked Gonzaga only lost by four to Michigan State.  UCLA lost last night to Cal Furman.  UCLA isn’t ranked right now, but it’s UCLA.  19th ranked Georgetown beat Temple by a single point.  As I mentioned yesterday, UK won by a basket in double overtime last night against Miami (Ohio).

Wow, Elliot Williams hit a three to bring the Memphis-Kansas game to within a point with just under 17 seconds left.  Josh Pastner, the new Memphis coach, reminds me a little of Greg Zugrave.  He’s a young guy, looks like someone I’d maybe hang out with.  Maybe it’s the curly hair.

Both teams are now out of time outs as Kansas burned their last one to save a clock violation for inbounding the ball.  One foul shot made by Kansas and Elliot misses a final three pointer for the loss.  He had a career high scoring night though, so good for him.

Speaking of career highs, Nolan Smith and Miles Plumlee both had those too.  Jon Scheyer has still had no turnovers on the season despite playing the vast majority of available minutes.  Duke started 14-2 and didn’t much let up.

Work was busy.  Kirsten wanted to see Milly, so she babysat all on her own while Amanda and I went to small group, and she did a good job.  She really loves that baby.  Kirsten never seemed all that excited (I mean, outside of a normal level of excitement) about Milly coming, and she was very hesitant to hold her early on, but she seems to not be able to get enough of her.  She’s also going to go ahead and start helping out on Mondays.  I thought she was just going to be here from 12-5, but Anna told me today that Kirsten would come over at 9am.  I’m pretty excited about that.  I mean, I love being able to see my daughter during the day, but she tends to distract me from work.

When we left the house we first stopped by Target to grab some more baby pants then we picked up some Chick-Fil-A for dinner before heading to the Nowak house for small group.  We got there early because Amanda and Sarah were discussing Mia’s baby shower.

Zach Dotsey