I had a meeting today over at Panera.  Anna had mentioned needing to pick up her car yesterday, so since I was over on their side of town, I gave her a call and asked if she still needed a ride, which she did, so I dropped her off to pick it up before heading back home.

Milly was still hungry after we fed her this evening, so we tried the rice cereal again.  She really took to it this time.

Later on we went back over the to Frazelles’ for dinner.  Anna had wanted to make dinner for us since we’ve been without a stove for so long.  It’s always a pleasure to hang out with them.

During dinner, Anna was holding Milly and Milly kept reaching for Anna’s glass of water.  Anna eventually let her have some, and it looked so funny because Milly wasn’t quite sipping at the glass- she had her mouth around the lip and was licking the outside of it.

Back home, we were getting ready for our trip to Winston-Salem and trying to make arrangements for Bruce and Harvey.  Bonnie, who was originally going to look after them, has pneumonia.  She can’t help that, of course, and I’m pretty sure she’d rather not be sick, but we’ve been scrambling to get the dogs covered.  Michael’s handling a chunk of the duty with the Warkentiens chipping in.

After that scramble we watched two episodes V.

Milly’s got a new favorite thing, which is being upside-down.  She just loves it.  I can hold her upside-down in my arms or I can hold her by her ankles, and she just thinks it’s the best thing ever.

Zach Dotsey