I was in bed last night at about 10:30 and I got up somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30.  The bad thing about having more time in the morning than you’re used to is that you do something with it, and when you feel like you’ve got more time than you do you end up running out of time.  I spent time washing bottles and cleaning a tub.

Amanda got home and finished getting everything packed up.  I finished up some work and helped load the car, and we were on the road just before 1:00, which I was a little surprised by.  Amanda drove so I’d be able to answer and try to take care of any work calls.  I ended up just playing on the computer for most of the trip, but it made the four hours go by pretty fast.

Milly and Graelyn.  Kinda glad we didnt have twins.
Milly and Graelyn. Kinda glad we didn't have twins.

We got to Ben and Jessica’s in right at four hours.  We took two wrong exits and got a little confused on where to go once we got off their exit (the answer is straight, which looked like it would take us back onto the highway).  We also made one stop for gas and a bathroom break off one of our wrong exits in Greensboro.  I was oddly impressed by the bathroom.  I mean, it was just a regular gas station bathroom with a single toilet in it, but it had a few framed pictures and a fake plant on the wall, not to mention a wallpaper border just below where the wall met the ceiling.  Classy.

When we got to the Lambeth house Jessica and Graelyn were waiting on the porch for us.  Ben wasn’t off work yet.  I showed Graelyn to Milly, who immediately started talking to her and grabbing at her.  It’s amazing, the difference between a two month old and a five month old.

Something really bothered Milly a little later, just a little bit before Ben got home.  It’s not that we’ve never seen her inconsolable before, but the intensity with which she was crying was something we have not witnessed in her life up to now. We can’t complain too much though- she was awesome on this trip, which was the longest she’s ever taken.  She slept almost the whole way and quietly played in her car seat when she was awake.

Ben got home and we ate dinner then watched Star Trek, which I’ve wanted to see since it was in the theater.  We all trickled off to bed after that.

Zach Dotsey