Milly woke up a few minutes early this morning, which I guess isn’t too odd considering that she napped just about the whole way to Ben and Jessica’s.  We fed her some rice cereal this morning because she seemed to still be hungry after her bottle, which was fine, but while we were eating breakfast we had Milly on her play mat and she threw up.  Twice.  It left her in a giant puddle of regurgitated formula and she splashed around in it a little.  I mean she about learned how to swim today.

I did a bit of work this morning before taking a shower.  Ben’s mom came by to see Milly (they’d been telling her they had to see her hair) and after she left we all went out for lunch at a place called The Loop, which I thought was pretty good.  From there we went to Old Salem to walk around a little.  I’d have loved to walk around more than we did, and I’d like even more to have had the big camera with me to take some pictures there.  I love history, and I love taking pictures of old buildings.  We did take some pictures on the green though.

Milly Dotsey and Graelyn Lambeth on the green in Old Salem
Milly Dotsey and Graelyn Lambeth on the green in Old Salem

After hanging out in Old Salem for a bit we all came back to the house then the ladies left us menfolk to watch the babies while they went to Target.  Milly got really fussy again but I eventually got her to take a nap.

Ben and Jessica had a baby shower to make an appearance at, so Amanda and I hung out and watched Syracuse beat the pants off the Tar Heels.  Yeah, that’s right, Carolina got their first loss of the season.  They trailed by as much as 20 and ended up losing by 16.  I don’t think they’ve received such a beatdown since Kansas smacked them around in the Final Four a few years ago.  It was, let’s call it refreshing, to see.

Amanda wasn’t feeling well tonight and was upstairs as Milly finished her dinner during the first half of the game.  Milly was adorable though.  She was perpendicular to me with her head on my lap and she kept twisting her head around to look up to me and give me a big grin.  I’d five her a kiss and she’d turn back around then repeat it a few moments later.  She was also really talkative.  I hated to put her to bed, but she went down well.

Ben and Jessica got back and we all watched a few YouTube videos before Amanda went to bed.  Ben and Jessica dozed off on the couch and I’m probably going to head upstairs a few minutes after I finish this.

Zach Dotsey