Milly up a few minutes early again.  I hope this isn’t becoming a habit.  She may be getting a bit of a cold, too.  She’s had a runny nose the last couple days and has coughed and sneezed a few times.  She’s spitting up a bit more often than usual as well.

I got a message today from someone we work with now and then for work.  He has his own web design company now and is moving, so he’s decided to sell the site, a few domains and his contacts.  I considered buying it myself, but if I’d done that I’d have just run it as an extension of the company I work with now, so I decided to tell Scott about it and he called the guy.  I hope it went well.

We had pancakes for breakfast this morning.  Amanda mixed the batter but then decided that her first couple pancakes were too thick, so I did the rest of them.

After that we did a bit of running around.  Our first stop was Babies R Us, followed by Panera, where we met up with Karen and Casey.  Karen was a roommate of Amanda’s at Campbell and a bridesmaid in our wedding.  Casey really liked Milly.  He doesn’t look the baby type, but he was really good with her.

From there, we (by “we” I mean Dotseys and Lambeths) went to Costco, then the girls went to Anne Taylor Loft while us menfolk took the babies and went to Great Outdoor Provision.  I looked at the cost of getting and installing a rack on the Jetta, which would run about $250 or so.

During this time I was checking in on Duke’s game against Radford.  Sure, Radford isn’t an elite team, but they are picked to win their conference.  Duke won big, 104-69.  It wasn’t on TV, but I was following commentary online from my phone and Andre Dawkins started off 5-5 with three pointers and ended up with 20 points.

When we got a new car, we were really wanting to get something with a third row of seats.  That would have come in handy this weekend, as everywhere we drive we have to take two cars.  We don’t have room for four adults and two car seats, so Ben and Milly have been with me in the Jetta and Amanda has been riding with Jessica and Graelyn in their car.

We had meatballs and coconut rice (or something to that effect) for dinner, followed by fondue a little later for dessert.  In between we played a games called Wits & Wages.  I won the four games that we played, mostly thanks to history questions.  I think we all enjoyed it though- it was fun.  In it, everyone is asked a numerical question (all having to do with statistics, percentages, years, quantities, etc.) and each person takes their best guess at the answer.  From there everyone bets on what they think the right answer is.  There’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s the gist of it.

Zach Dotsey