Technically the title should be “Home from Lewisville”.

We woke up this morning and got ready to go check out Ben and Jessica’s church, Salem Chapel.  It’s pretty much what Port City was before it got big.  Their preacher was passionate, which was good.  Also, if you closed your eyes his voice sounded, to me, like John Malkovich.  He didn’t have his distinctive inflection, but I really think his voice had the same sound.

We were going to go out for breakfast, but Amanda was having some issues and needed to go back to the Lambeth house so we went there first.  We went ahead and packed everything up and decided to take off from the IHOP.

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in the service at the IHOP today.  Jessica had to ask for her drink and then had to ask for refills and even after I sent my bacon back to get it crispier after ordering it “super duper crispy, just about burnt” with the request that it be just about burnt, it still came back floppier than crisp.  The hostess who kept walking by was really nice though.  She couldn’t go on more about Milly.

After we finished breakfast we said our goodbyes to Ben and Jessica in the parking lot and gave Graelyn a kiss.  The next time we see her she’ll probably be as big as Milly is and Milly will probably be just about walking.

It was really great that we got to spend so much time with the Lambeths.  It would be great to have them back in Wilmington.  Ben even mentioned that if it weren’t for their church, they’d consider figuring out how to get back here.

There’s not much to mention about the trip home, except that it only took about three and a half hours, which I thought was pretty good time.  Milly was good the whole way.

Once home I unpacked while Amanda changed Milly.  The DVR was getting pretty full so I picked up a pizza from Little Caesar’s (since we still don’t have a stove and we wouldn’t have felt like cooking anything after our trip anyway) and we watched our Thursday night shows and Saturday Night Live (which I’d half-watched last night already) before Amanda went to bed.  I watched a few of my shows and I’ll probably head to bed soon myself.  I think I’ve got a busy day ahead of me.  Fortunately, Kirsten is coming over to watch Milly tomorrow.

Speaking of Milly, while Adam was watching the dogs he dropped off some things Andra gave him to give us, including this thing Milly can lie on and spin around.  She seems to be enjoying it so far.  I also put her on my shoulders tonight, which wasn’t a first, but for some reason she thought it was hilarious.

Complaints: I think I’m getting a little sick.  My throat is scratchy so I took some Coldeeze and finished off the clementines.  I also think I have a zit on the inside of my left nostril.  Not comfortable at all.

Zach Dotsey