We didn’t have small group tonight.  Mia had to work and the Nowaks were getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I got a call from Adam this evening.  He was heading to Raleigh to stay the night with our sister, Erin, then he was going to hop a train to Charlotte to spend some time with our other sister, Andra, and her family.

I called Aunt Robbie tonight to tell her that Milly is really liking the sock doll she bought her when she was here.  We put it in Milly’s crib and she’ll hug it and turn towards it as she’s going to sleep.  The thing’s as big as she is, and Amanda and I have said we can imagine her dragging it around with her when she’s older.

I was looking forward to starting work this morning.  I had a design to work on with complete freedom and was excited to start on it.  I didn’t have anything on the slate, but of course the day got super busy.  I did work on the design after hours though.  I worked on two designs, actually.  I ended up knocking out another one for another client who had called today in need of a redesign.  More of a re-layout, actually.

I talked to Jason for a bit today while I was out and about to pick up my paycheck and deposit it.  Nothing new- we just talked about basketball, TV and comics.

Milly was feeling better today I think.  She was still a little snotty now and then, but she was less so, overall.  She did wake up coughing when Amanda was getting ready for bed, but she went right back to sleep.

In addition to enjoying being held upside-down these days, Milly also likes to be thrown up in the air.  I just have to make sure not to do it right after she eats.

Zach Dotsey