I was up until 2AM working on website designs last night.  I just get carried away doing design work.  I’ll come up with something then think of a bunch of variations and next thing you know it’s bedtime (or past it).  I submitted the designs (for two different sites) to the clients this morning but didn’t hear anything back yet, which isn’t surprising given that tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  Amanda and Scott both liked the same mockup for one of the clients the best and they both liked several of the mockups for the other one.  My web graphics skills have come pretty far in the past few years, if I do say so myself.  I’m not earth shattering or groundbreaking, but I think I do a decent job.

Work wasn’t overly busy today and Milly was mostly pretty happy.  There was one point where she was really fussy though, and eventually I tried letting her look out the backdoor.  She saw the doorknob and, it being all bright and shiny, that distracted her and made her pretty happy until it was time to feed her.

I’m coughing again.  That sucks.  I felt like I was getting a little sick a couple days ago, felt great yesterday and now I’m coughing almost like I was a few weeks ago.  What’s up with that?  I used to hardly ever get sick.

The Warkentiens came over for enchilada dinner tonight.  After we ate Milly and Eli were sitting on the table playing with plastic cups.  Seemed to entertain them pretty well.

Once they were put to bed we decided to play a game of Yahtzee.  I did really well, but Amy did even better and won.  I like hanging out with Nick and Amy.  We can all be pretty frank with each other, whether it’s in conversation or just joking around.

While we were playing Yahtzee I had the Duke vs. Arizona State game on.  The Sun Devils are coached by former NC State coach Herb Sendek and one of their main players is Eric Boateng, who played his freshman year at Duke.  He didn’t get much time there that year, but he’s just started to become a factor for his new team this year.

It stayed relatively close for most of the game with Duke up four at the half on a late three pointer.  I think there was a 14-4 run at some point and Duke ended up winning an ugly game by eleven.  Of particular note, Jon Scheyer had his first two turnovers of the season after going four games with none against 21 assists.  It’s a shame, but it was going to happen at some point.  Next up for the Preseason NIT championship is UConn.  Should be a good test for Duke.

Zach Dotsey