Amanda asked me this morning as she was leaving for work if I remembered trying to change her diaper last night.  Apparently, in my sleep, I checked to see if she had wet her diaper and Amanda asked what I was doing.  I told her something like I was taking care of Milly or changing Milly’s diaper, something like that.  She said that Milly was in the other room.  Apparently I was patting her back too, or something.

I’m not as upset as one would think I’d be, given that I just witnessed Duke’s first loss of the season, the first time they lost in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge and the first time the Big Ten has won the ACC-Big Ten Challenge.  I blame Jason Revill for it.  He told me earlier today that he thought Duke would lose because Carolina won when they were not expected to.

I’m really not too down though, and it’s probably got a lot to do with me feeling like Duke wasn’t going to win it with most of the second half left to play.  Duke trailed the entire game but came really close at the end, which caused Amanda to stay up late and watch it.  I think the main problems were that Duke actually looked terrible on defense and there wasn’t a lot of sharing with the ball.  Smith and Scheyer didn’t look that great tonight, but Singler was a beast (in the first half, but made some boneheaded plays at the end) and Andre Dawkins I think hit 4-4 three pointers.  Just wish they’d started going to him before the last five minutes of the game.  Mason Plumlee played his first real game as a Blue Devil tonight after a very fast recovery from a broken wrist.

Ah well.  It’s not like I was expecting an undefeated season or anything, and Bo Ryan is 123 wins to 10 losses in the last nine years at home.  So congrats, Wisconsin Badgers.  Hopefully Duke will learn from this loss and get better.

Have I mentioned lately how fun it is to get Milly up in the morning?  A big grin spreads across her face and she gets all excited, banging her feet against the crib mattress.  And of course now she’ll raise her arms up for you to pick her up.  So cute.  She also likes dancing.  I was dancing with her a little today and she seemed to have fun with it.

What wasn’t so cute was the poop she had this morning.  It went all up her back and messed her jammies pretty good.

We’ve got some wind and rain going on outside right now.  No tornadoes that I’ve heard of yet.

Zach Dotsey