This week has gone by pretty fast.  This whole year has, for that matter.  Started out a few months pregnant and now here we are with a baby who is nearly half a year old.  But man, seriously, this year has gone by fast, and I know time’s only going to go by quicker.  I wish I could put on the breaks and make sure to enjoy it.  Guess we need to try to make sure to enjoy life as it’s happening, no matter what the speed.

Amanda’s grandparents stopped by the house on the way home from shopping and doctor appointments.  In part they came to see us and in part they came to see how the new stove they bought us looks in the kitchen, but in large part I think they just wanted to see Milly.  She did the thing where we hand her off to someone then she  looks at the for a second and starts to cry like she’d been stung by a bee.  She stopped as soon as I took her back.  She did warm back up to them after a bit though.

Amanda exercised a bit today.  I think there’s an On Demand exercise station or something.  Sounds like it was effective, from the way she talked.

Cyra came over for dinner and TV tonight.  Amanda made enchiladas, and for the record me putting the enchiladas in the oven tonight was the first time I did anything food-related with it.  We ate then the girls talked for about an hour, after which we finally watched The Office and 30 Rock.  Both were quite good.

Zach Dotsey