Milly’s had a cough and runny nose for about two weeks now.  I left a message with the pediatric practice we go to and when they called back they said to bring Milly in.  What I should have told them, which would have saved them the time and us some money, was that it waned in between the two weekends.  They said nothing seemed to be wrong with her but they gave us a prescription (which we didn’t fill) just in case we felt the need to get her some medicine.

Amanda and Milly were out for a bit this afternoon and I got a good bit done.  One of the websites I’m working on right now is coded and now all I need to do is transfer the content over.  Of course, that part I only got done later tonight, the rest of my time was spent taking care of other matters, including a few leads from the website we (by which I mean Scott) just bought out.  I also met with a client this afternoon.  It was really just to help get his email set up properly on two laptops, but I like the guy and had a good time just chatting and catching up with him.

Nick and Amy went to the Christmas party for the Port City Community Church staff tonight, which happened to be at Mike’s Farm, which happens to be the place Amanda and I got married, which also happens to be a bit far for a Christmas party, in my opinion.  I mean, that’s pretty close to Amanda’s parents house.  Amanda said that if we’d known beforehand that that’s where they were going we could have all gone and stayed at Amanda’s parents’ house for the night.

Eli started off pretty good.  I had him in Milly’s fortress and she was standing against it, so they were both getting to play with the various toys on it.  Eli slowly got fussy though, and then become full-on upset.  Amanda was working on some things for Mia Kay’s babyshower tomorrow,  so I grabbed the babies, one in each arm, and went upstairs to the nursery.  Eli stayed upset for quite a while, but I could tell he was putting it on because every now and then he’d pick up a rattle or some other toy, or lay his head down on a Boppy and he’s quiet down until he remembered that he was supposed to be upset.  Milly was pretty content until about 7:15, at which point the two actually started trading off who was going to be upset.

Milly ate at 7:30 while Eli, now my buddy again, curled up on me as we watched TV.  After Amanda and I (and Eli) put Milly to bed I fed him, changed his diaper and put him to bed.

Nick and Amy came to pick him up and stuck around for a while, watching the end of Community, which Amanda and I were watching already, and last night’s Office, which we hadn’t erased yet.

I’m watching a documentary on John Wilkes Booth right now.  That would make a great movie.  It’s crazy to think that he was one of the most famous actors in America and that he was only 26 when he killed Lincoln then was killed himself.

Zach Dotsey