I fell asleep downstairs last night and only woke up enough to turn the TV off.  Bruce stayed under the covers with me all night.

Amanda headed off around 10:00 to pick up stuff for Mia’s baby shower and to help set it up over at the Nowaks’ and didn’t get home until about 4:00 I think.  She stuck around to help clean up and the like.

Milly and I spent the day watching basketball.  She was wearing her pink Duke onesie.  Amanda put her blue bow in her hair, but it doesn’t stay on as well as some of the bows do and I took it out after her first nap.

First we watched Kentucky shellac the Heels for a half until John Wall went out of the game with a cramp.  Sadly, Carolina clawed their way back into the game and made it close, but fortunately the Wildcats were able to hang on for the win.  It was a two point game, but that was only because Carolina made a last second three.

After that we watched Duke take on St. John’s.  Duke started out slow and should have won by more than they did, but apparently this is a pretty good St. John’s team, one that some people are expecting to be at least a bubble team come March.

After Amanda got home we put up the Christmas tree and did the inside decorations.  I’m not a fan of the process of Christmas decorating, but I do like how it all looks once it’s all done.

While we were decorating we had the Wake Forest at Gonzaga game on.  Wake Forest has lost to some pretty poor teams already this year, including William & Mary at home, so it was a surprise for them to beat Gonzaga, who I think was ranked in the top 15.  I kind of like Gonzaga and most Wake fans give Duke no love, so I was sort of pulling for the Zags, even though I’ll usually pull for an ACC team (aside from Carolina) if they’re playing out of conference.

I was planning on doing some yard work today because our front and back yards are both entirely covered with pine straw and leaves, but it was rainy so that made it pretty much impossible to do.  A guy came by the house a couple days ago and offered to do the front yard for $60.  I told him we couldn’t afford to pay someone to do the yard and he went as low as $40, but I really truly and honestly couldn’t do that.  Besides, I could use the work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of it soon.

Milly’s got a new method of talking that she’s been doing a good bit lately.  She’s talking through her tongue, sort of, by sticking her tongue partly out while she makes a noise.  Seems like she’s coming up with new ways to make noises just about every week.

Zach Dotsey