As I have yet to get my car jumped, Nick was kind enough to pick me up on the way to work (or, as I call it, church) this morning, where I ran a mobile camera.  During the first service I mostly stuck to the floor while getting a few shots of one of the guitars, but for the second service we decided to stick me up on the guitar pretty exclusively.  I think I got a lot more dynamic shots that way.

Amanda usually comes to the 11:00 service instead of our usual 9:00 service when I’m running a camera.  It makes more sense, particularly because I don’t need a ride home that way.  She came a little early so I could get some time in with Milly, which was awesome of her.  We mostly hung out in the auditorium, where Milly was pretty wowed by all the lights and such.

After church Amanda and I were going to go to Atlanta Bread to grab some lunch before looking for an ornament and a stocking for Milly, but Atlanta Bread was completely packed so we ended up splitting a pizza at Brixx before doing our shopping.  We got an ornament at Hallmark (where Milly was a hit with employees and shoppers alike) then went several places before finally getting a stocking at Target.  We looked at some toys to get Milly while we were there, but we really have no idea what to get her.  Honestly, we expect she’ll be more entertained with bows and wrapping paper than anything else anyway.

Milly’s little fuzzy boots, by the way, were the topic of admiration and conversation everywhere we went today, from church to Target.  Also, while Wayne Harris was holding Milly at church today he leaned his head toward her and she leaned her head against his, sort of headbutting him.  Apparently that’s a thing she does now, and it’s really cute.  Amanda said she thinks she learned it from me.

Back home Milly was fussy for a bit, which wasn’t a surprise given how much running around we did today and how little she got to nap.  We picked up a bit and watched some TV.  After Amanda went to bed I watched what turned out to be the series finale of Robin Hood, and by series finale I mean it in the American way.  After it was over I looked up a discussion board and read some articles to find out that viewership had dropped (though I thought it got better as it went along).  I thought they had a good plot lined up for next season (or the next series, if you’re British), even given what happened in this episode.  In fact, I thought what happened this episode was going to happen last season anyway.

Last week I talked about how they killed Alan A’Dale.  This week they killed Guy, which is a shame because I always liked his character (not that it matters, since the show is done).  I figured he’d die though, since he was helping Robin now.  They also killed the original Sheriff of Nottingham.  At the same time, they also killed the most recent sheriff, Guy’s sister.  And then they killed Robin Hood himself.

That’s what I was alluding to at the end of the second paragraph above this one.  There was a lot of talk of Robin Hood being an idea, and the band’s slogan was “We are Robin Hood.”  Given that I figured they’d kill him off and have someone else take up the name, which Much being my choice, although since they just brought in Robin’s half-brother I thought they might do that with him (until I read that the show was done).

They handled Robin’s death nicely.  He was killed from a scratch from a poisoned blade.  At the end the Merry Men followed him into the woods where he said his goodbyes before wandering off by himself.  Marion, who was killed by Guy last season, appeared to him and he went off with her.  There was a scene at the end where the Merry Men (and woman) were carrying off his body and they had a discussion about carrying on his legacy.  One thing that struck me about that was that of the five people left, three of them were new to the show this season.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show.  It wasn’t great by any means, but it had action, a swashbuckling good guy, humor and a nice bit of a dark edge to it.  I’ll miss it.

Zach Dotsey