Today was a Monday, as Mondays tend to be.  Milly napped more than usual today, which was helpful, but she was very needy and fussy when she wasn’t napping.  If she’s cutting a tooth I wish it would hurry up and come on out.

She’s getting a lot more mobile, though she’s not at all crawling yet.  I guess she’s just rolling around a lot, but I don’t actually see her moving.  In fact, while I was talking to Amanda around lunchtime today I had Milly on her mat in front of the TV.  At various times when I looked at her she went from there over towards the couch then over by the pack & play.  Now, you probably have no clue whatsoever what that means, but she basically made a triangle through half of the living room.

Billy and Cyra came over to watch How I Met Your Mother bearing Chinese food for dinner.  When they got here we had just started watching Elf, which was on some network or another.  Amanda and I realized that it was Milly’s first Christmas movie (even though she didn’t get to watch it all).

On a more somber note, there was news yesterday and it was confirmed today that the sister of Duke player Andre Dawkins, Lacey, was killed when she and her mom were in a car wreck on the way to go to the St. John’s game at Cameron on Saturday.  I can’t imagine what he’s going through or what he’s feeling.  I heard that Dre was involved in his church, so I trust that he and the family have a good support system.  I’m praying for the family in such a hard, hard time.  The support shown from so many different fan based has been very touching to see.

Zach Dotsey