That video, I believe, contributed to some disturbing dreams I had last night.  You have to watch it until the end to get the full effect, so make sure you do.  I don’t much remember the dreams, but I know they were overwhelmingly negative.  I think two things that also contributed to them were the fact that I initially fell asleep on the couch while watching something on the History Channel about all these terrible world-ending natural disasters that we can’t do anything about and the Chinese food we ate.  Of those three things, the Chinese food is the only one Amanda experienced as well, and she mentioned also having some vivid dreams.

Oh, to add a little info on the Goddess Bunny up there, that’s a dude.  It’s a tranny with polio.  When I went upstairs last night and turned out the light I imagined that thing creeping around in the room.  Then, as I was climbing into bed I thought about the horrible possibility that the Goddess Bunny had taken Amanda’s place in bed and was lying there, waiting for me.  Gives me goosebumps even now.  (And exactly how old am I now?)

I was pretty busy today again.  Seems like the phone kept ringing and I spent half my day calling people back.  I went out for lunch and met with Richard Perry at PT’s, who not only goes to Port City Community Church but is also a rival web designer.  (Dun-dun-dun!)  Had a good time getting to know him and talking shop.  And who knows, maybe we’ll be able to refer some work to each other.

The Kay’s had a birthing class, so only Mike and Sarah came over for small group.  We got off topic a lot, which I think I say every week, but I enjoyed our discussion.

Milly was pretty good for most of the day, but she was really fussy when we put her down.  Usually we can just put her down, wrap her up, turn the lights off and the mobile on and she’s good to go, but she was screaming a few times tonight.  Amanda plunged the baby’s nose (she was pretty snotty today) then had to go back up to soothe her some before she finally went down.  Tooth?

Zach Dotsey