Kentucky ended up beating UConn last night, 64-61.  All I’m going to say about it is that John Wall is a filthy, filthy beast.

I was planning on catching up with some work this evening.  Afterall, I had a meeting this afternoon then had to do some (mostly work-related) running around after that and it cut out a chunk of my day.  Not that it wasn’t productive, but I really need to get a move on with some things.

Anyhoo, as I said, that’s what I was planning on doing, but instead I ended up Facebook chatting with a (nearly) 24 year-old Irish cousin named Lucinda O’Shea.  Adam called me and told me about her and I called Dad to ask what the deal was but he said when he’d heard a few years ago he thought it was a joke.  She actually left a comment on here a couple days ago, but I had no idea who she was.

Like I said, Lucinda and I chatted for a while.  We talked about family, of course, and who is who.  She did a search on Facebook for “Dotsey” and was asking how different ones were related to us.  I told her about her uncles and aunt and which cousins belonged to which uncles.  She said she wished she’d been able to talk to Pap before he died.

Lucinda also told me a bit about her life.  We were talking about kids and she had been in labor with her son, Adam, for 48 hours before having a c-section.  Really makes Amanda’s champion-caliber 25.5 hours look minuscule.  (Okay, not minuscule, but still!)  She has 50 or so aunts, uncles and cousins on her mom’s family’s side and told me about them.  Amazing memory, to remember all those relatives!  The offspring of Baba and Pap number a paltry 21, and I thought we had a big family.

When she got off, Lucinda said it was, what, 3 or 4am there in Ireland.  She’d been up all night catching up with us.  She said she was crying looking at some of the family pictures.  She said she’ll be checking airfare rates to try to come to the US for a visit.  Really hope we get to meet her.

So, what else happened today?  It’s Amanda’s grandma’s birthday, so happy birthday to you, Peggy Lemons!

Milly continued the thing she’s doing where she’s really fussy unless she’s sleeping or being held.  That’s not entirely true- there was a time during which I had three work calls to take care of in quick succession and she was good during those.

I had a meeting with someone I think will be a very good client.  It’s always great to bring in new clients who are engaging and excited about their project.  It makes working with them that much more fun.

I talked to my oldest friend, Jason Revill, while I was driving around doing my errands.  Nothing big, just catching up.

Amanda’s definitely sick.  She’s a bit stuffy and worn down.  Hopefully that will pass soon without passing on to me or Milly.  I swear, it seems like it’s been a month or more since everyone in the house has been completely healthy.

I talked to Adam, Dad and Andra today about Christmas plans.  Adam was on IM (actually, he might have been yesterday) and Dad and Andra were on a conference call.  Our original plan, dating back to last year and reiterated about a month ago, was that we’d all get together the weekend of New Year’s, but it’s looking like it might be the day after Christmas.  We’d have a lot more time to spend in the Rouge if we went with the original plan.

I think that about covers the day today.  I can’t believe it’s almost Friday.

Zach Dotsey