I finished one of the sites today.  I still need to go back and validate some of the code, but it’s up and functioning well, which is good.  I made good headway on the next one too.

Amanda and Milly went to the mall today to do some shopping and to meet up with Amanda’s grandparents.  Her aunt and cousin, Anna and Kirsten, were there too.

Karen came by this evening bearing the gift of dinner in the form of BBQ and corn on the cob.  I’d bought some baked beans but she brought some of those too.

Speaking of buying food, I feel I should mention that I bought four boxes of cereal and a gallon of milk for $12 this morning.  I thought that was pretty good.

Milly continued her “I’m going to fuss if you’re not holding me” thing today.  She had some really good times too though.  It’s pretty easy to make her laugh now, and I can think of no other sound I love more.  She’s really good when going to bed still, which is nice.  She’s really fun then, actually.  There’s a small teddy bear that we’ll give her to hold while she’s on the changing table that she smiles at and likes to talk to.  Sometimes she’ll eat its nose.

I spent a bit of the night playing with Photoshop while we were all watching TV.  I had no real purpose, but I came up with the basic idea of a design I’d like to use for a website at some point.

It was really cold today.  I think it was mostly the wind.  The times I went outside today, the wind went right through my layers, which seems to me to be what is meant with the term “biting cold”.  North Carolina is funny that way.  You can need a coat and scarf and everything else to keep you warm one day then wear shorts and a t-shirt the next.

Zach Dotsey