We got up this morning and were treated to a Cracker Barrel breakfast by Karen.  After that we all went to Best Buy and looked at some things.  I’ve been asked a lot what I want for Christmas this year and I haven’t been able to come up with anything that anybody could reasonably afford, but while we were there I mentioned to Amanda that it would be fun to have a Wii.  Don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  I know I’ve already got a PS3 and an Xbox 360, but for group fun and games that aren’t real seriously in depth, a Wii would be fun.  I’d want to have four controllers and nunchucks with it so everyone could play.

We got home and shortly thereafter Amanda and her mother abandoned Milly and me to go shopping for the next six hours. I talked to both Mom and Dad separately today.  Dad was finalizing Christmas plans, so we’re going to the Rouge the day after Christmas.  He said that he and Mom would buy all the presents, that we wouldn’t have to worry about buying any for everyone else, but I think we might at least get something small for everyone.  Mom asked me to get in touch with Adam to help her our with something.  She said she was sick and her flight was canceled, so she stayed in Rochester this weekend.

I called Adam, but I have yet to hear back from him.

After Milly’s mom and Nana left, she and I watched Kentucky whoop up on Indiana and dozed a bit.  I was planning on doing some yard work today, but it was difficult given that I was watching the baby and it was cold outside.  That is, had it been warmer I could have brought her outside with me while I worked.  As it was, I waited until she was tired and I was able to put her down for a bit.  I for one half of the front yard raked into one large pile and got started on the other half of the front yard, but Milly woke up before I could finish.

Amanda, whose phone had been off previously, called to let me know that she and her mom were on the way back to the house and wanted to know if I wanted any food.  I told her I’d call her if I did, so I did call her back a few minutes later, but she didn’t hear it.  Karen ended up going back out and picking up some Subway for me and her, which I told her she didn’t have to do.

This evening we all spent watching the History Channel.  There was a show, part interview and part reenactment, of the Manson Family murders.  There’s a thing on The Beatles right now.  It’s a pretty cool documentary in that it doesn’t have any kind of narrator or anything, it’s just showing clips and still photos to recorded interviews and music.  It reminds me of the way a Kennedy documentary I saw a month or so ago was done.

I teased Amanda that she was watching the History Channel.  And to think if I hadn’t been interested in an episode of Modern Marvels that came on before the Manson show we’d have missed out.

Zach Dotsey