Amanda and I put together a little something to send to my grandmother, Baba, who, living in Kentucky, has yet to meet Milly.  Since she doesn’t have a computer and internet, I guess I’ll talk about it.  I uploaded a bunch of pictures of Milly spanning the six months of her life.  Originally I was just going to order a bunch of prints for her, but I saw that you can put together a photo book, so we did that instead.  It only allows 14 pictures (though you could add to that), but that limit helped me cut down on the massive amount of extraneous pictures I’d have sent otherwise.  Anyway, we ordered that for her for Christmas, so hopefully she’ll get it in time.

Milly was mostly very good today.  She did go through spells where she just had to be held, and she cried a lot this evening, but overall she did well.  She finished off a bottle of butternut squash and ate a whole bottle of carrots today.

We had small group tonight, but it was just us and the Nowaks again.  The Kays have baby classes and the Cains should be back in a few weeks.  We’re planning on just having a Christmas dinner/get-together next week.

We’re going through a study guide on Romans right now, but it’s not going great.  We’re just not getting into the guide very much.  Maybe it will pick up once the other couples get back.

After Mike and Sarah left Amanda and I watched Duke beat up Gardner-Webb.  The game started at 7:00 and I’d DVR’ed it, so it went by pretty fast since we could fast forward the commercials, time outs and half time.

Keeping in mind that Duke was playing pretty low level competition, the Blue Devils looked really good.  Everyone played well and just about everyone on the bench got to see the floor.  Jon Scheyer had a ridiculous game with 36 points, 7-9 from downtown, 7-7 free throws, 8 rebounds and 9 assists.  Several career highs were set for him tonight.  Andre Dawkins, who lost his sister just last week, scored the second most points with 16.  Four other players were also in double digits.  My only gripe is that Kyle Singler is healing from a sprained ankle, so it would have been nice to see him rest up.  Gonzaga is coming up on Saturday.  It will be a good test for this Duke team.

Zach Dotsey