I know I’ve said lately that Milly’s been getting around better and better, but I think we’ll be at the point soon where we have to start fencing her in and make sure things are out of her reach.  Baby’s rolling all over the place!  I don’t know how well she’s moving around with a purpose yet, but she can get to where she’s doing things we’d rather she not, like tugging on the Christmas tree.

She has also added some new sounds to her vocal arsenal lately.  She started adding an almost “L” sound, sort of a soft L, but not a W, quite a bit today.

Milly’s appetite has definitely returned.  She’s back to eating seven ounces of formula plus baby food.  She’s really wolfing down the baby food.

Scott and I discussed a slightly new way of doing things with design projects.  I’d be doing more design and less coding, which works to both our strengths.  I do enjoy playing around with CSS, but it might speed projects up and be less frustrating for both me and Scott.

Speaking of work, I’m just about totally done with one website and started some preliminary design work on another one tonight.

Amanda decided yesterday that she wanted to watch Sing Off, a four-night show pitting a capella groups against each other for a $100,000 prize and a recording contract.  I wasn’t interested at first, but I’ve got to admin that I’m now interested to see who wins.  Amanda and I called the odds-on favorites as being the groups Beelzebub and Nota.  Our breakdown of it is that Nota has more actual talent, but Beelzebub is more purely entertaining.

Amanda found the first episode of Sing Off on Primetime On Demand, watching the first 40 minutes of the second episode on the computer, watched the rest of it on the DVR then we watched tonight’s episode delayed on the DVR.

Zach Dotsey