Milly didn’t nap much today, but in spite of that today went well for a Monday.  I was worried about how much she slept yesterday evening and she did wake up a little early, but it was before Amanda went to work so she checked in on her and got her back to sleep before she left.

As I said, Milly didn’t nap much, but she was in a pretty good mood for most of the day. She did poop multiple times today, and most of them were a lot softer than they have been recently, which might explain in part why she was happier.

Between not being distracted much and not having too many updates to do, I was able to sit down and dig into some mockups for a client today.  She liked them quite I bit when I showed them to her, and she was excited to see them.  It’s always fun to talk to clients who are excited about what we’re doing for them.

Amanda and I watched the Sing Off finale tonight.  Nota, the group from Puerto Rico, won with The Beelzebubs coming in second, which is probably how it should have gone.  Kudos to (whichever network it was) for making it a two week show and not drawing it out forever.  It felt a little awkward because of that though.

I decided to load up College Hoops 2K7 again last night.  I started the career mode over and faced Duke for my first game.  I lost that one, but I’ve won two or three straight since then.  I started with Columbia and am probably recruiting players that are never going to come there.  I think I’ll play a little more of that before I go to bed.

Zach Dotsey