I’ve worked where I am for almost five years now, and every year it’s pretty dead during the week leading up to Christmas.  Not this year though.  Not that I’m complaining about having work, because having work means having money.  It’s just a little stressful is all.

Speaking of stressful, how about driving around Wilmington three days before Christmas.  Amanda came home after work and watched Milly while I went out to finish up some Christmas shopping (mostly for her, of course) and I was out for several hours.  Part of the time it took was just being out during a busy shopping day, but part of it was the traffic and just driving around.  Shouldn’t all these people be working?  I went out after the lunch hour on purpose!

Leaving the mall I noticed that the Blockbuster next to it was going out of business and everything in it was marked way down.  It’s a shame, because I remember many a Friday growing up stopping by Blockbuster and picking up some movies for the weekend.  Even once I got to high school it seems like that’s what most of my dates were- video nights in the living room.  I guess video on demands and Netflix have taken their toll.

That was all an aside.  What I wanted to get at was that I stopped by the Blockbuster to look around.  If they had more Blu Rays I might have picked up some movies, but most of the selection was DVD.  Not that there’s anything wrong with a DVD, especially for $3.99, but if I’m going to buy a movie from the HD era it’s going to be a Blu Ray.

That was another aside.  My point was that I saw that they had Beatles Rock Band there for 40% off.  I called Amanda to make sure nobody had gotten it and she said that since up until a few days ago my Xbox was broken that no, as far as she knew nobody had gotten it for either one of us for Christmas.  So I got it.  To my great pleasure I found out that the price on the box wasn’t even the price of the game, that it had been marked down further and was 40% off of that, so I got it for about $25.  Pretty sweet.

It was dark by the time I got home and Milly was really happy to see me.  You know, I’m with her pretty much all day most days, so I guess she noticed I wasn’t there, or at least she realized when I got back that I hadn’t been around.

Amanda and I watched some TV while I did some more work and she wrapped gifts.  By the time she was done with that she no longer really felt like playing Beatles Rock Band anymore, so she watched me for a while before heading to bed.  I went ahead and stayed up to unlock all the songs.  I could have gone to bed early but you get an achievement for unlocking all the songs within 24 hours, so I wanted to make sure I did that.  Insidious, isn’t it, the game manipulating someone to not put it down?

Zach Dotsey