It was back to work today.  If it hadn’t been busy I was thinking about going surfing for a bit, but I was slammed.  There were a number of little things that came in over the weekend, plus a few that came in today, plus a big newsletter that I’ve been working on, plus modifications to a mockup that I’ve been working on.  I got most of those done, but I’ve got a few phone calls to return tomorrow plus that mockup to work on.  I worked until 9:30 tonight.  Yeah, sometimes the cost of  a long weekend is not fun.

Amanda and I both for on the Wii Fit for a bit today.  I got on this morning and she got on this evening while I was still working.

Milly was pretty good for the most part today, but it was cyclical.  I’d feed her and she’d be happy for an hour, hour and a half then she’d get upset unless I was holding her, and since it’s pretty hard for me to work while holding her since she likes to play with the keyboard I would put her down for a nap.  I guess that was fine because she went down pretty quick each time.

As I’ve been typing I’ve been watching I Survived.  People have gone through some crazy, messed up things in their lives.

Zach Dotsey