Okay, so it wasn’t really a fight in any way, shape or form, but we took Milly to small group tonight and when we got to the Nowaks’s, sat her down with Lauren, who is just a few weeks older than her.  Sarah gave them some toys to play with and Milly picked up a plastic chain or some keys, something to that effect.  After a minute Lauren reached over and tugged at them.  The two, very passively, held on but eventually Lauren got the toy.  Milly’s first fight.  It was pretty cute to watch.  Hopefully they can still grow up friends.

Speaking of small group, there wasn’t much to it tonight.  Mia’s on bed rest and Jenny had a cold so it was just the Dotseys and the Nowaks.  We ended up just talking about Christmas and business ideas.

The rest of my day was all about stressing at work.  Still haven’t been able to catch up because new stuff just keeps pouring in.

Duke played Long Beach State University tonight.  I saw that they were winning by a very decent margin when I checked my iPhone during the night, but I’ve got the game recorded on the DVR.  I was going to watch it tonight, but I’m so friggin’ tired.

Zach Dotsey