Yeah, I was in bed around 10:30 last night.  That’s just about unheard of for me.  You know if I forwent watching a Duke game that I was tired.  I ended up watching it first thing this morning though.  I got out of bed to take a look at a problem Amanda had with her iPod not syncing the John Mayer CD Billy Supplee had let her borrow and just ended up staying up.  I think what happened with the sync is that the iPod was already plugged in and connected to iTunes before the CD had finished loading into the library.  That’s my best guess anyway.

Duke beat the Beach pretty comfortably last night, 84-63.  They didn’t look as good in the second half as in the first, but Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith had really hood games.  Brian Zoubek did too, for that matter.  Zoubs has really gotten better this season so far.  To Long Beach’s credit, they didn’t fold down the stretch.  They’ve played a really tough schedule this year and are picked to win their conference.

I finished watching the game just in time for work.

Work’s insanity continued today.  I counted 40 emails from about 5:15 yesterday evening to about 11:30 this morning, the vast majority of which needed either some action or a response.  I’ve got one major job I’ve been trying to work on and I barely got to scratch it.  I really hope tomorrow’s not nearly as tough.  Hopefully everybody will be out getting ready for New Year’s Eve.

Wow, New Year’s Eve is tomorrow.  Amanda and I have absolutely nothing planned.  We didn’t bother looking for a babysitter and we don’t have anywhere in particular to go even if we did have one.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Amanda fell asleep before midnight too.  My New Year’s Eves have been much more tame since 2003.

After Amanda came home she had taken Milly upstairs to play in the nursery.  After a bit she decided she was going to clean the house and start on dinner, so the options were to bring Mills downstairs or for me to move work upstairs.  Since she was happy up there I opted for the latter, but my laptop died on the way up.  It’s ridiculous how much charge this thing doesn’t hold.  I mean, seriously, I can’t unplug it and walk upstairs without it dying.

After I finished working for the day at about 6:00 I headed out.  I was going to feed Gipper then go by Michael’s apartment to borrow Rayman’s Raving Rabbids. We were going to borrow MarioKart, but Jenn just got back in town today and wanted to play it.  On the way over there I decided to stop by GameStop just to see if they happened to get any copies of MarioKart in.  Amanda had called Best Buy and Target and they were both out.  GameStop did happen to have a copy, a used one at that, so it was cheaper.  I picked that up along with two controllers, although I actually didn’t get the controllers but something to make the more sensitive, so Billy and I went back out after dinner.

Oh, yeah, Billy and Cyra came over for dinner and Wii.  Billy played Wii Fit for just a bit then we all played MarioKart for a while before they headed on out.

Zach Dotsey