Milly’s birthyear, 2009, had passed and her first new year, 2010, is upon us.  I can’t help but think of all the things that lie ahead for her: crawling, walking, talking (right?), interacting more with other kids, her first birthday celebration and more.  Already today we bought her her first solid food.  She actually tried some before, these little cereal looking things that just about dissolve in your mouth, a couple weeks ago when we ate at the mall with Nick and Amy, but today we actually bought some for her.  Milly can’t quite seem to get them in her mouth very easily yet though.  She picks them up between her thumb and her pointer finger, but when she does that her hand is in a fist, so it’s not easy for her to put it in there.

We also bought these things called Mum Mum bars (Mum Mum!), which are larger, wafer-type things.  She eats that much more easily, but the part she holds in her hand ends up turning to mush.

On the first day of Milly’s first new year she ended up sleeping in until about 8:30.  Amanda was kind enough to get up with her and I got up about an hour later, although I did get up at 7:00.  Harvey was making mooing noises and went downstairs.  I was afraid he’d chew something so I let him out and fed him.  Of course as soon as I went back upstairs to get in bed, Bruce decided he wanted to go out too.

Amanda and I started 2010 with a nice breakfast of pancakes, eggs and apple sausage.  I used a juicer we got from my parents to make fresh-squeezed orange juice.  It was awesome, but there were little bits of seeds now and then.

After breakfast and Milly’s lunch we all went out to the mall so Amanda could exchange a flannel shirt I got her for Christmas.  She liked it, but it was too big.  Unfortunately, Gap didn’t have any more of them so she just took it back and later went to Old Navy and got something else.

We went to Nick and Amy’s this evening, taking spaghetti and meatballs and some bread over there along with The Hangover, which Billy is letting us borrow.  The Warkentiens just got back in from a 16 hour drive from Michigan today.  Eli is moving around really well.  He’s army crawling, but he can book it.  He’s also able to pull himself upright and stand against things.  He very briefly stood without any support tonight too.

Zach Dotsey