Since I couldn’t get the car started last night, well, since I couldn’t get it to turn on without jumping it every time, I called Nick to see if he could pick me up for church, since I was running a camera this morning.  It turned out that he and Amy were hanging out with the Paschals last night and Nick had left his phone.  I had tried calling Amy, too, but since they were in the middle of a movie they didn’t answer, which is understandable.

Anyway, Nick ended up getting my messages and tried getting in touch, but I go to bed between 10 and 11 on the nights before I serve at church, so I didn’t see any of that.  When I picked up my phone and headed out the door this morning I discovered that Nick had come by the house just in case and had left just a minute or two before I walked out the door.

I felt bad for wasting his time, but it was really nice of him to try so persistently to get back in touch with me and to help out.

Since I had the only working car I left after I finished running the camera at the 9:00 service to pick up my girls for the 11:00 service.  Amanda was just about done getting ready when I got home and Milly was playing on the floor in the nursery.  She gave me a huge grin when she saw me.

After running the camera at the 11:00 service I sat with Amanda for the message, and after the service I went to pick up Milly from Grow Zone while Amanda made straight for the ladies’ room.  Amanda’s aunt and uncle, Anna and Barry Frazelle, saw me on the way to Grow Zone so I talked to them for a minute and we made plans to get together later.

I met Amanda with Milly back in the main auditorium where I also saw Seth Holloman’s parents.  I asked his mom if he was back in from visiting his wife, Dana’s parents in Kansas and she said she’d just gotten a text during the service that his plane had landed at RDU.

Back home I talked to Seth about coming over to watch Duke host Clemson to start the ACC basketball season.  He ended up just staying home and relaxing, which is understandable coming from a different time zone then still having to drive a couple hours.

After a little time at home Amanda, Milly and I headed over to the Frazelle house.  Hannah was home and Anna and Kirsten showed up a few minutes later.  Barry arrived a little after them.  He asked if I could help him with something and when I went outside I saw that he had a new 40-something inch plasma TV.  I walked through the house to open the side door for the room it was going in and mentioned something to Anna, who was in the kitchen, something about getting a new TV.  Anna’s response was, “Whaaa?”  Apparently it was a surprise.

After I helped carry the box into the house I smelled something funny and realized it was my hand.  I said something to Barry about the TV’s box smelling funny then he said he had dragged it through part of the yard and it was probably some of their dog Scout’s dookie.  I asked if he thought so and put my hand in his face.

That was funny, but it turned out that the box and/or the TV itself did smell odd.

We set up the TV, which gave them a lot more space in that room, and played some Wii.  Amanda and I introduced the Frazelles to MarioKart and Rayman’s Raving Rabbids before we all played a little Fit.

Anna fed us dinner, but we had to go very soon after eating because we didn’t have Milly’s dinner with us and it was just about her bedtime.  I was worried about getting back home in time for tipoff for Duke’s game, but it turned out not to matter, thanks to Wake Forest and Xavier.  They went into two overtimes and most people only got to see about two and a half minutes of the first half.  I was seething inside at this, but I controlled it well.  Amanda even commended me.  Wake eventually won, but I didn’t really care- I was just ready for my game, the conference game between two ranked opponents, to be on.

The good news is that Duke held Clemson, who is, by all accounts, a pretty good team this year, to just 12 points compared to their own 30.  Clemson came out with a run to start the second half, but then Duke woke up and beat the Tigers 74-53.  It was nice revenge for the embarrassment Clemson put on the Blue Devils last year.

Zach Dotsey