Amanda and I were just hanging out.  Jeopardy was on and we were half-watching that while I was putting in a late night of work when I took a break to check out the Duke message board.  There I saw that Carolina was in a close game with the College of Charleston Cougars and, knowing full well that Carolina would pull away and win by the end of the game, thought I’d get what enjoyment I could out of watching the Heels struggle.

I was not disappointed.

After leading most of the game, Charleston decided to let Carolina get an 11 point lead with three or four minutes left.  Amanda suggested changing the channel, but I said I wanted to watch another minute or two, because, ya know, you never know.  I didn’t really expect C of C to come back, and I had resigned myself to the Tar Heels winning before I even turned the game on, but then they decided to tie it up at the end of regulation and not look back.  I told Amanda that the Cougars had momentum and it indeed carried over.  They ended up winning 82-79, lighting Twitter and Facebook up with ABC’ers everywhere.

In other news today, Milly started the day very happy.  She was actually pretty talkative all day.  Her early good mood didn’t last too long though.  In fact, she didn’t really eat much after her bottle either.  Maybe she just decided she doesn’t like peas.  I ended up scooping up some mashed peas then scooping some mashed peaches over it, and she did eat that more readily.

Work was crazy again.  I really hope I can catch up tomorrow, but I’ve been saying that for a while now.

Amanda surprised me and Milly by getting home a few minutes early.  That was fine with me because she got to take over the late afternoon feeding, which allowed me to get back to work.  Of course, it was just nice to see her anyway.

Zach Dotsey