Yeah, I’m still not caught up, but I did make a lot of progress today I think.  Made some sales, set some things up, did some stuff.  Of course there is still a lot to do.

I did take a break for lunch today.  Amanda’s grandpa, Earl Lemons, had to have a tooth pulled today so, as always happens when he and Peggy are in town, we met them for lunch at the mall.  I was planning on getting Milly ready early but phone calls prevented that and we got to the mall right at 1:00.  Anna, Kirsten, Michael and Jenn were all already there and pretty much done eating already.

We got back home later and I worked until about 6:30.  Amanda picked up a bit around the house while Milly took a couple of really short naps.  She also made some dinner for Joel and Mia Kay for tomorrow night.  Mia’s been on bedrest with her pregnancy.

Kirsten got here to babysit Milly, who was sleeping when we left, and we left for small group at 7:00.  Everyone was there for the first time in months tonight, which was really good.  Kirsten told us when we walked in the door that she had the opportunity to change a poopy diaper tonight, but that Milly was good.

We’re planning on going to see Avatar on Saturday with the Frazelles.  Hopefully that will work out.

Zach Dotsey