Yeah, still not caught up all the way at work.  One day….

Amanda stayed at work a little late because they were getting pizza for lunch.  She stopped by Target on the way home to pick up a few things, including a bathing suit for Milly.  Obviously she’s not wearing it when it’s 17 degrees outside with the windchill, but she got the 12 month size.  Amanda couldn’t help but think that Milly would be a whole year old when she’ll be wearing it.  As Amanda reflected, it sounds different saying “one year” as opposed to “twelve months”.

Milly Dotseys First Pigtails

She also picked up some hair bands, figuring Milly’s hair is finally long enough to put up in pigtails.  And it was!  Amanda gave her on pigtail on the top of her head first then did two.  They looked like antennae and were so cute!

I finally took a permanent break from work (for the night) around 8:30 when Seth Holloman gave me a call.  His TV was crooked because the wall mount, I think, was coming loose from the wall.  He was going to leave it until tomorrow, but then it slid a little more and he got worried that the TV would fall, so he needed help getting it off and putting it back on.  I got over there then back home just in time for tip off for the Duke-Iowa State game.

Every year Coach K tries to schedule a game in the hometown of any of his seniors and tonight’s game was played at the United Center in Chicago for Jon Scheyer.  Scheyer’s been amazing this season and is in early talks not only for ACC Player of the Year honors, but he’s being talked about for National Player of the Year as well.  He didn’t disappoint his hometown crowd either, scoring 31 points.  Nolan Smith has 20, Kyle Singler scored 15 and Lance Thomas put in a good defensive game, helping hold the Cyclones’ star, Craig Brackins, to 12 points.  The final score was 86-65 despite a couple run Iowa State went on.

In other basketball news, Gilbert Arenas has been indefinitely suspended from the NBA without pay for having a gun in the locker room at a game.  It’s amazing to me that people who have so much can be so stupid.

Zach Dotsey