Amanda got a bug in her to take down the Christmas decorations this evening.  We were planning on doing that Saturday, but once she gets something in her to do something, it generally happens pretty quick.  I was finishing up work and half watching Milly when she did it.  She got it all done in about an hour too, which is impressive.  The only thing I helped with was taking apart the tree and taking all the parts back upstairs to the crawl space where it hibernates about eleven months out of the year.

Of course, looking at the living room there are still Christmas remnants in the form of Milly’s toys.  Still, it’s nice to have everything back in place and a little more room in the house.

Things are finally settling down at work a little bit.  I was able to follow up with a few sales leads, which is good.

Milly started making a new noise today.  It’s sort of a sharp “Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah,” and sounds like she making a fake laugh or possibly a cough.  It’s pretty cute, of course.

Mike Erreca asked me via Facebook if I wanted to play MarioKart with him today.  He was home early from school (he’s a teacher) because of snow.  I was busy but Amanda played him.  He beat her at most of the races they had, but she finally beat him in the last few

Nick and Amy (and Eli, of course) came over tonight.  Amanda fixed teryiaki chicken sandwiches with pineapples, some dirty rice and green beans.  After we put the babies down to sleep we played a board game I’d heard of before but never played called Puerto Rico.  It’s a strategy game and it’s a bit complex, but it’s not too hard once you get the hang of it.  Well, not to hard to understand anyway.  We all thought Amanda was going to win, but it was Amy by a few points.  Amanda was in second and Nick beat me by a point.  I picked the wrong strategy to go with starting out.

Nick and Amy are staying over tonight.  The game finished up a bit late plus we’re playing on the Wii.  Nick’s measuring his center of balance on Wii Fit as I type.  I think we’ll have a good breakfast tomorrow morning.  It feels like a Friday to me.

We might have some snow tonight.  So far it’s just been drizzly.  Harvey and Max (the Warkentiens’ dog) were out playing without us knowing it was wet outside, so they dragged in a good bit of dirt.  Bruce didn’t want to have much of anything to do with any of that.

Zach Dotsey