It was actually about 28.5 hours, but rounding to 30 sounds better.  If you read yesterday, you know that Nick, Amy and Eli came over to hang out, have dinner and play some video and board games.  Nick and I ended up staying up kind of late playing MarioKart against people online.

When I woke up this morning at about 7:30 I could hear Milly talking to herself in the nursery.  I took care of the dogs then got her up at 8:00 to feed her then started working a little early.  Amy (with Eli), Amanda then Nick, in that order, woke up and the girls fixed the breakfast Amanda and I have been having when we have time to fix it lately: pancakes, eggs and apples turkey sausage.  We also had some more fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Milly and her Paw Paw
Milly and her Paw Paw

Amanda’s dad was in town getting a crown fixed, so he stopped by for a minute, mainly to see Milly I think.  I went out to get my paycheck and Nick went out to do a couple things he needed to do in the evening and brought some Little Caesar’s back here with him for dinner.

I’m looking forward to Milly and Eli being able to actually play together.  Right now you can put them near each other and they may interact some, but they don’t really entertain each other.  On the other hand, Harvey and Max had a blast wearing each other out, mostly in the backyard.  I noticed this morning that we have a very large new hole in the yard.  Nick said Max learned that from Harvey, so I don’t know if they were working on it together or not, but it’s there regardless.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if it was just Harvey doing all the work.  I could see him showing that off to Max.

After we got the babies down to sleep at about 8:00 we played another game of Puerto Rico.  We all scored better than we did last night and since we all knew how to play it went a lot faster.  Nick won, followed by Amy then me then Amanda.

Nick and Amy hung around for just a little bit after that then took off.  Amanda was tired and went to bed after messing around on Facebook for a few minutes.  I should be more tired than I am right now.

Tomorrow we’re going to see Avatar with the Frazelles.  Duke’s playing Georgia Tech tomorrow, too, and there’s some overlap.  It should be a pretty good game and I’m going to miss, at least, the second half, so I’m just going to have to DVR it because we’ve been talking about going to see the movie with them for some time now.  I’m going to do my best not to check the score after the movie.  I always ruin games for myself that way.

Cyra has volunteered to watch Milly for us while we’re out and it’ll be her first time being babysitting for us.  There’s talk of also going out to see Sherlock Holmes with her and Billy tomorrow, too.  We’ll see what happens.

Oh, it didn’t snow here in Wilmington, by the way.  Seems to have snowed just about everywhere else in North Carolina though.

Zach Dotsey