I spent a good bit of time this morning cleaning up the office.  That was the intent, anyway.  I got a lot done, shredded up a bunch of old bills, reorganizing the filing cabinet, clearing off the desk and another table, but at a glance it doesn’t look like much has been done.

Amanda’s itching to play Puerto Rico.  The last time she was wanting to play a game like that we ended up making our own Settlers of Catan.  No way we’re doing that with Puerto Rico though, plus Amanda’s not laid up post-surgery now either.  She looked for it while she ran out to do some errands today but couldn’t find it, so she’s ordered it from Amazon.com.

I started watching the Duke-Georgia Tech game, but we have been talking to the Frazelles about going to see Avatar for quite a while and had made plans to go today, so I watched half of the first half and DVR’ed it.  Cyra came over to watch Milly and we headed off to see the movie.

Barry bought our tickets, which was really nice of him.  Amanda brought some candy but no drink, so I did spend $5.75 on a medium Cherry Coke.  Of course, the thing was about a liter and we got free refills.  Free refills ended up being one refill on the way out of the theater, just so I could feel okay about spending almost $6.00 on a drink.  I can’t remember the last time we bought a drink or candy at a theater.

So, Avatar was cool, and it was in 3D.  I’ll admit that towards the end of the movie, when I was caught up in watching it and wasn’t thinking at all about what I was doing, I swatted at a 3D bug.  That was little embarrassing, like I’d never been to a 3D movie before.

Anyway, out of the six people in our group who saw it (all of the Frazelles plus me and Amanda) everyone really liked it except for Anna, who said it was too long and boring.  So if you’re talking movies to her and she goes on about how much she disliked Avatar, just keep in mind that 83% of the people she saw it with liked it.

Back home, Cyra said Milly had been good with her.  Milly was asleep when we left and didn’t react negatively to Cyra getting her up, which is good.  It sounded like they had a nice time together.

I did a good job of not checking up on the basketball game while we were out.  I did see that Duke was up a little at the half, but I didn’t check anything after the movie started.  In fact, I was wearing a Duke shirt and made sure to cover it up with my coat to make sure nobody said anything in passing.  I turned the game on as soon as Cyra left.

Duke lost 71-67.  I’ll go ahead and say that.  Georgia Tech played some really aggressive defense and the game was allowed to be played much tougher than you usually see in the ACC.  To add to it though, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler both only scored nine points, but Jon Scheyer scored 25.  Duke shot an absolutely abysmal 6-28 from beyond the arc.  I’ll credit some of that to the Yellow Jackets’ defense, but I remember seeing some wide-open shots that just wouldn’t go in.

What’s really boggling though is that Miles and Mason Plumlee combined for 9-10 shooting, but nobody really looked to keep passing the ball to the post.  I really wish they’d start doing that more, particularly when the outside shots aren’t falling.  Mason looked particularly good.  Dude’s getting better every game.

I wasn’t too upset about the loss.  I didn’t have  good feeling going into it and Georgia Tech is ranked in the top 20, so it didn’t sting as bad as it could have.  I think Duke will learn from it.

I ended up walking upstairs and back down several times tonight.  Amanda suggested watching a DVD in bed tonight, so I went to get the old Xbox, which had been in the guestroom, then I went to get something to watch, then I came back down to look for the remote, which ended up being upstairs anyway, and then I discovered that the batteries were dead so I had to come back down to replace the triple A’s.

Amanda’s prerequisites for picking something to watch were that it wasn’t something we haven’t watched yet and something that didn’t take too much attention to watch, since we’d probably both fall asleep anyway.  I ended up picking the first season of Arrested Development.

I finally decided to start watching Arrested Development a few episodes before it got canceled and always wanted to go back and watch it, so Amanda had picked up the full series for me for Christmas.  So, while we hadn’t seen it, it was a good choice anyway.

Zach Dotsey