We ended up watching  just the first episode of Arrested Development last night, which is about what I expected we’d make it through.  The first DVD actually had an extended pilot episode and the regular one after it.  Since I had told the DVD to play all, I saw the extended pilot and a few minutes of the show that actually aired and noticed a few differences even in the little I saw.  It was mostly just a line here and a line there.

Since I fell asleep earlier than I usually do I woke up a few minutes early.  Amanda usually gets up first on Sundays, but since I was already awake I figured I’d go ahead and get up and let her sleep in a little bit.

Milly wore her pigtails today, which were a huge hit.

When we dropped Milly off t Grow Zone at church, we asked if we should move her up to the next level yet since she’s getting up and trying to crawl, but we were told to hold off for now.  After the service, Amanda and I helped out in  Grow Zone ourselves.  Nothing big to report on that from today.  I was in a full room, but it was pretty incident-free.

Amanda and I left the little camera at Anna and Barry’s last weekend and they brought it to the movie yesterday, but we forgot to get it from them, so after church we headed towards Wrightsville Beach.  We called ahead to see if they’d want to meet us for brunch, but we didn’t get ahold of them and ended up eating at Panera, where we also fed Milly.  A lady who worked there was smitten with Milly and talked to us for a while.  We also saw Kaitlyn Boscaljon’s parents while we were at Panera.  We’d met her mom, but not her dad.  He seems like a really laid back and nice guy.

We got up with the Frazelles after that and headed on over.  We got our camera, changed a couple diapers and hung out for a while.  We ended up watching a Nickelodeon gameshow called Brain Surge.  Why?  I don’t know.  Nick was on and the show came on and nobody bothered to change it.  While we were there Amanda took out one of Milly’s hairbands to fix her pigtail, but she wasn’t very cooperative in letting us put it back in.  I went ahead and took the other one out, and that child’s hair, the only way I can describe it is that I said that I thought it looked like Helena Bonham Carter’s hair in most of her Tim Burton movie roles.

Milly hadn’t really napped all day, so when we got home, since she was asleep, I left her in her car seat and just carried that up to the nursery, where she slept for half an hour or so before her 4:00 feeding.

We watched an episode of Scrubs and a Saturday Night Live from right before Christmas.  After those we watched Virginia Tech not seal the deal against the Tar Heels.  Ugh.  Kansas, the #1 team in the nation and one of three remaining undefeated teams, will be #1 no more after tonight.  They lost to Tennessee today, which was somewhat surprising given that Tennessee had suspended some of their good players for weapons and drug possession and recently.  There were a number of upsets this week, but of course the biggest and best was still College of Charleston over Carolina.

Zach Dotsey