Milly was really good today, which made my Monday, a typically tough day when balancing two duties, much better than usual.  She hardly got fussy at all, except for this evening, which is a shame because on Mondays, of course, the evenings are the only time her mom gets to see her.

Billy and Cyra came over tonight for dinner and How I Met Your Mother.  The standout event of the night was when Amanda had to spit out her drink.  I can’t remember the full context of the conversation to that point, and if I did it probably wouldn’t be fit to write on here anyway, but I said, in kind of an offhand, half-t0-myself sort of way, “Sex is funny.”  For some reason everyone thought it was pretty funny and Amanda had just taken a swig of her lemonade, so for about a minute she was sitting there trying to figure out what to do with it and holding back her laugh.  I told her to spit it out because Milly needs a mommy (she wasn’t really using her ability to breathe in and out much at the moment) and I thought she had food in her mouth, so when she picked up her glass to spit out the contents of her mouth I told her, “No, not in your glass,” because I thought chewed up salad or pasta would look nasty mixed in a glass of pink lemonade.  So finally she went and spit it out in the sink.  The whole exchange was pretty amusing, but of course you had to be there.

After dinner Amanda and I put Milly back to bed and we all watched How I Met Your Mother then talked for just a little bit.  I don’t know why, but I was really tired after that.  I’ve been pretty tired lately.

Zach Dotsey