The first number is how many points Duke beat Boston College by tonight.  The second is how many points Carolina lost to Clemson by tonight.  That right there makes for a good night.  I particularly liked when Andy Katz was trying to interview Trevor Booker of Clemson after the game, but Booker couldn’t hear his questions because the court had been rushed (it’s been a long time since Clemson last beat Carolina) and the crowd was too loud.

Amanda stayed at work a little late to make up for some time lost a couple days ago.  The internet was out at work on, Monday, I think it was, and she wasn’t able to really do anything so she was told she could leave early and make it up later.  So she did that today.  She brought home some Little Caesar’s for lunch.

Amy and Eli Warkentien came over today to play with Amanda and Milly.  I moved myself to the office and the girls played on the Wii after the kiddies went down for naps.

I think tonight was the first time Amanda gave Milly a bath in the tub.  I find it much easier than the sink.  Milly’s so cute in her little baby tub in the big tub.

On a negative note, a large earthquake hit Haiti yesterday, pretty much destroying the capital, Port-Au-Prince.  Up to 100,000 people are feared dead.  That’s just a staggering number.  And given the infrastructure, it’s going to be difficult to get support and aid really going.  I’m praying for all the people there, those who have lost their lives, loved ones and all the things they own.

Zach Dotsey