Milly was really moving around a lot today.  She finished her bottles quicker than usual and I’d look up to see her off playing with something, be it a toy, a picture frame or an air freshener.  I’m going to have to get a pen or something to corral her.

She’s been moving a bit for the past few days, but today a switch went off and she’s so much better at it.  She’s been able to roll around for a while now and she’d always end up somewhere.  She’d also try to use her arms, but more often than not she’d end up pushing herself backwards.  In the last couple week or so she’s been able to move herself forward a little, but today she was pulling herself around with authority, and using her legs to help on top of it.  It’s not an army crawl though- she plants her hands and just pulls herself wherever she wants to go.

It’s exciting and dismaying at the same time.  Watching her is going to be a good bit tougher now.

Work wasn’t terribly busy today, which is good because I got caught up on a lot of little things.  For the late afternoon I had the TV on, watching a high school basketball game on ESPNU.  I was only watching to see Kyrie Irving, Duke’s incoming point guard.  He scored 30 and had a chance to tie the game at the end on a pair of free throws, but he missed the second.  I know he was probably beating himself up for it.  One of his teammates got the rebound with just over a second left and put it up but was both blocked and fouled, but no call was made and they lost.

When Amanda gets home, particularly on Mondays, I like to have Milly sitting somewhere waiting for her to walk in the door.  The last couple times I’ve set it up, Milly and I were sitting on the stairs so that when Amanda opens the door all the way to come in, we’re sitting right there in front of her.  Milly always gives her a big grin.  It’s so cool that she knows and recognizes us.

The weather was pretty nice today and I thought about taking Milly for a walk.  There’s a doughnut and coffee shop that opened up in the shopping center near us that I only just noticed yesterday so I’ve been itching to check it out.  Milly was pretty tired (read: cranky) when I had my work down to a point that I felt comfortable leaving though, so we didn’t go.  Maybe tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey