Milly continues to pull herself around all over the place.  Over the past day or two she’s also gotten better at feeding herself her puffs.  They’re little fast-dissolving, bland with a hint of flavor cereal-sized cracker things.  Amanda calls them crackers, I call them puffs.  They’re kinda puffy.  Anyway, over the past couple days she’s gotten to where she can usually grab one between her thumb and forefinger and put it in her mouth.  If she can’t quite get it to go in that way she’ll palm her face and sometimes that will get it in.  Of course, she just about as often drops it on the floor, which Bruce and Harvey don’t much mind.

I also noticed in the last couple days that Milly has made more complex noises now and then.  Changes in volume and pitch, I think.

I made the mistake yesterday of saying something about not being too busy at work, so of course I worked until about 9:00 tonight.  I did have a meeting that went much longer than I expected which pushed me back a bit, but at least it was profitable.

Last night Kansas State beat up-to-then undefeated #1 Texas.  I only watched the last few minutes of the game and they both played sloppy.  The Wildcats kept trying to let Texas back into the game, but the Longhorns declined time and again, and so now, should they win out the rest of the week, another team of Wildcats, that final undefeated team from Kentucky, will be #1.

I fell asleep on the couch, woke up around 3:00, turned off the TV and the lamp and pulled the covers back up over myself and Bruce, who was cuddling with me.  I woke up again when Amanda’s alarm went off upstairs and I went to bed then.  Amanda told me she’d rolled over to give me a kiss then realized that what she thought was me was just my pillow.

Mia and Joel headed to the hospital today to get Mia induced.  I texted Joel this evening and asked if he was having fun yet.  He said nothing was really happening yet.

Mike called me to tell me that Henry had a temperature (101 or 102, can’t remember which he said) and they were afraid Lauren might be sick too (or maybe just teething) but that one of them, he or Sarah, would try to make it to small group.  I told him to not worry about it and tend to the family.

I texted our other couple that nobody else was going to be able to make small group tonight.

At least I got to use the time to get some work done.

Amanda’s grandparents came by after an appointment of one kind or another for Earl.  I was away at my meeting for most the time they were here.  Earl has been wanting to come by since forever to build a little trim into the space between our counters and the stove, so he took care of most of that today.

Amanda ordered the board game Puerto Rico from last week or so and it came today.  She called me while I was out and informed me that she was afraid to open it because while the cover and the description on the back were in English, the picture of the game and pieces on the back had everything written in what she correctly guessed was German.  The return policy was that if something was opened you couldn’t return it, so Amanda called Amazon to ask them about it.  They told her to go ahead and open it and everything turned out fine.  That is, Amanda won’t be forced to learn German afterall.

Zach Dotsey