Carolina lost to Wake Forest tonight, which made me happy.  Right after that though, Duke embarrassingly lost to NC State.  They trailed the vast majority of the game, got to within three at the half (or a crazy three-point putback by Nolan Smith) and then State went on a run to open the second half.  Duke never really threatened from there.  Not a good night for the ACC’s traditional powerhouses.

I’m trying hard to think of whether anything else really happened today.  Amanda brought home some Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  Oh yeah, she was going to drop the Jetta off for a free-because-we-have-a-maintenance-plan oil change, but she was told that Volkswagen is only covering them at 10,000 miles.  She could get one today (at 5,000 miles) but it wouldn’t be covered.  She made sure that if the car blew up or caught on fire or anything because she didn’t get her oil changed that VW would cover it, and they said they would.  So 10,000 miles it is then.  That’s a far cry from the old 3,000 mile oil changes.

Amanda and I reflected on how much Milly has progressed lately.  I wrote a lot about that yesterday though.

OH!  Mia and Joel had their baby, I think sometime early this morning.  Amanda showed me a picture that they texted her and he’s a cute little guy.  We don’t know his name or anything else about him yet though.  We plan on going by to see them tomorrow if/when they get settled in.  Mia announced it on Facebook with the following: “all three of us alive and well”.  That sounds just like a birth announcement the Kays would make.  Anyway, Baby Kay (Felix?), welcome to the world!

Zach Dotsey