Milly had a most important day today.  After her breakfast Milly got a little fussy earlier than usual, so instead of going ahead and putting her down to sleep I thought I’d try to find things to entertain her.  As I was taking her out of her fortress and looking for a pacifier, I stuck my finger in her mouth and felt something I wasn’t expecting, something sharp- Milly’s first little tooth!

It took me a bit of messing with her and moving things around, and she wasn’t happy about it, but I finally caught a glimpse of the thing poking up through her bottom gum, just a sliver of it.  I thought I might have felt a top tooth too, but I wasn’t sure and I haven’t been able to confirm it.

I talked t0 Kevin Millard a good bit today (almost exclusively work-related stuff) and he told me that he’s jealous of Milly’s tooth (as Maggie, who’s two weeks older than Milly, still has none).  I told him we were jealous of how mobile Maggie is, and his quick reply was, “Oh, don’t be jealous of that.”

Later on this evening Milly was going after her amputee dog, a little stuffed right with a dog’s head and one arm on it and a missing limb (thanks to a cannibalistic Harvey) and she actually got up on all four and crawled towards it!  She’s been getting up on all four and rocking like she wants to move for a while now, and she’s been dragging herself around on the floor, but this was the first time she crawled.  Of course, as soon as I got the camera out to take some video she stopped doing it.

So two really big steps in a baby’s development both came on the same day.  Milly is exactly seven months and one week old today.

Of course Amanda and I called around to spread the news.  I wasn’t able to get ahold of my mom, but I did talk to my dad a bit.  He just got back from Kentucky yesterday.  He and all his brothers were there helping Baba out.  A while back she said she was seeing Pap, who died just before Milly was born.  Dad said something about her thinking he was upstairs now.  They took her to grief counseling, which he said he thought helped.  I called her and told her about Milly’s achievements too.

Backing up a bit, today was a crazy one for me.  Milly, as I mentioned, was a bit fussier than usual.  I actually moved the laptop upstairs so I could watch her while she played in the nursery, which has more room for her to be mobile in yet less things she can get into.

Compounding that, I found out that the ticketing system at work wasn’t pulling in emails for some reason, so once that got started back up I had plenty to do.

Amy was going to a job training thing today so Amanda watched Eli for her.  He was fine for a long time and when he started looking sleepy Amanda put him down for a nap.  He was okay for a bit, but after a little while of lying down he got pretty upset and, while we were able to appease him in spurts, he never completely calmed down until his mom picked him back up.

We were going to go see Joel, Mia and Felix Kay, but the timing was off.  Plus, Amanda said Mia sounded beat and she knows how it is when everyone wants to come see the new baby but you’re just exhausted, so we’re going to go see them sometime during the next week.

Ben Lambeth called tonight.  He, Jessica and Graelyn are going to come for a visit next month in their new minivan, so we’re excited about that.  Amanda teased them for having a minivan, but at least we won’t have to drive two separate cars when we all want to go somewhere.

Zach Dotsey