I had a bit of running around to do this morning.  I left the house around 9:30 and went over to Michael’s apartment to put his cats in their carriers because the apartment was getting sprayed around 10:00 and it was thought best for their health if they were not allowed to go sniffing around the insecticide for a bit.  After I got them up (Mooo! was no problem, but Goat struggled a bit) I picked up my paycheck, dropped it off at the bank then went to Port City Java to do some work.  I left a little before noon to let the cats back out and headed back home.

Back at the house Amanda had everything packed up, so I took care of a few quick work items then we headed off to Richlands.  Milly didn’t sleep at all on the trip, but she was good the whole way.

Once there we went to Arnold’s with Amanda’s dad then stopped by Richlands High to pay her mom a surprise visit.  It was a teacher’s workday, so no kids were around or anything.  On the way back to the Mercer homestead we stopped by to see Miss Eleanor.

Back at the house I took care of some work until breakfast-dinner.  Michael and Jenn showed up at some point before dinner and played some MarioKart.  I had to take some time out to play that.  I tried using the normal controllers that Michael brought, but I’m so used to to using the Wiimote that I got some controls mixed up.

After dinner and eating we let Milly hang out for just a little bit.  She took a few more small crawls, but I’m not sure if Karen, whom we called every time she did it, got to see her in action.

After we got Milly down Amanda and I introduced Karen, Michael and Jenn to Puerto Rico.  We were planning on doing a round or two to teach it to them, because the game is really hard to explain without actually playing it, but we never started over.  Michael won, beating me by two points.  Every time we play that game I want to play again right after.  Hasn’t happened yet though.

Amanda came back downstairs after going up to bed.  Milly had woken up when Amanda was trying to get sheets and such for Michael from the room my whole clan is staying in, and doing it in the dark she ended up making some noise, and making some noise she woke Milly up.  She was pretty upset, but we held her for a bit and changed her diaper and she went right back down.  So far so good anyway.

So here’s something I’m really excited about.  Seth Holloman called today and asked if I’d be interested in going to the Duke-Florida State game on Wednesday and sitting front row for an extremely reasonable price.  Um, YEAH!  So he and I are heading to Durham on Wednesday.  Amanda’s a bit jealous, but she’s cool with it.

Zach Dotsey