Happy 27th birthday, Michael Mercer!  He worked early this morning then I think Jenn took him out to eat and watched him eat (she’s a picky eater, if it hasn’t been mentioned before) and when Amanda called him they were sitting around watching One Tree Hill.  Her choice, not his, I believe.

I worked upstairs pretty much all day today so that Milly could play and crawl around as much as she wanted in the nursery, without me having to worry about her getting into things or going after the power cord on the laptop.  She loves that thing.

It was a pretty tough day.  Usually I get a lot done while Milly takes her naps, but she woke up early from them and wouldn’t stop crying until I got her out of the crib.  On top of that she’s gotten to where she likes to drink about half of her formula then flip over and start crawling around.  The formula doesn’t go to waste (much) because we just mix it in with rice cereal, but it’s looking like the days of letting her feed herself the bottle are gone, or at least cut in half.

I don’t mean to complain about Milly.  She’s a terrific baby and still generally pretty easy to deal with.  I just fear that something will have to change soon in regards to me watching her while I work.  Some of this can probably be attributed to her teething, but as she gets more mobile and independent, watching her is going to become increasingly difficult.  I know Amy’s offered to help watch her during the day, but it’s not like I can get her to do that every Monday and every morning

Not too much else to report on today.  Milly went down for a nap a little earlier than usual this evening and wasn’t up when Amanda got home, which was a bit of a disappointment to her, but they got to spend plenty of time together after she woke up as I was catching up on work, as I’ve been doing for what seems like months now.

In happy news today, the Carolina Tar Heels dropped out of the top 25 in both polls today for the first time since January of  2006.  They did, mysteriously, receive one ranking vote in one of the polls.  That’s nuts.  Even die-hard Carolina fans know they have no right to be ranked right now.

In other news, Milly ate her first Goldfish today.  I stayed right next to her to make sure it wasn’t too tough for her or that she’d choke on it.  She didn’t seem to like it much, probably too salty.  And speaking of choking on something, I found two pieces of rug in Milly’s mouth from when she was crawling around in the nursery this morning, so I’ve now rolled that rug up.

And speaking of things in mouths, Jason’s going to have to have two root canals.  Apparently he damaged the tooth next to the one that was bent back as well.ja

Zach Dotsey