The University of South Carolina will be hit with fines tomorrow for rushing the court, which the SEC does not allow.  Of course, it’s hard to fault them, since they just upset unbeaten #1 Kentucky.

I also watched the majority of Carolina at NC State.  I missed the first half of the first half from small group (which we had at our house tonight), and even though I’d recorded it I just watched it from where it was live, since I could already see the score.  And of course State didn’t bother playing like they did against Duke last week.  I’m upset at them for dropping that and giving Carolina back some confidence.  A loss to State tonight would have gone a long way in further breaking the Tar Heel spirit and would have made them questionable for the NCAA Tournament.  But no, State had to go and lose, of course.  Way to go, Wolfpack.

Milly was better today.  As far as firsts go, today was the first time she took herself down the hallway, which she did a couple times.

I’m nearly caught up with work again.  We’ll see how long that lasts, right?

Speaking of work, I went until about 9:30 last night.  I would have worked longer, but I was really tired for some reason.  Amanda was watching a Big Bang Theory rerun when I decided to put the laptop down, curl up against a pillow on the couch and snooze for a bit.  Amanda woke me up to go upstairs about a half hour later.