For about a week now I’ve been excited about one thing, and that was my trip to Durham to catch my beloved Blue Devils in action against the Seminoles of Florida State with Seth Holloman.  I think this was the first ACC game I’ve ever attended at Duke.  The seats were amazing.  We were literally on the floor (Row A) in the back corner past the Florida State bench.  If we’d been a little more in the corner the seats wouldn’t have been as good, but as it was we had a great view.  I know basketball players are big and tall, but seeing them in action, playing at my own eye level made them look even bigger.

It was a defensive battle and not the prettiest game, but Duke won 70-56.

While I was having a blast in Durham, Amanda was putting up with a teething Milly.  I got a text sometime in the second half that read, “You owe me.”  (I’ll be paying her back Saturday night anyway when she goes out with the girls from small group.)  I talked to Amanda when Seth and I were on the way back to Wilmington and she said Milly had been up off and on for an hour, crying loud and pretty much inconsolable.  Amanda was just frustrated.

Milly was super cute earlier today though.  When I went to get her up for her lunch she was asleep in an upright crawling position, up on all four, but with her head on the mattress and turned sideways.  It was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  I ran downstairs to get a camera, but she woke up before I got back.

I had a meeting today with some people I had another recent meeting with.  They decided they wanted a good bit of Flash done on the site, so I called in a Flash contractor and we all sat down together.  I think the meeting went well overall, but I’m not sure if their ambition mightn’t be a bit more than they’re actually wanting to take on.  They’ve got a really cool idea, but they’re basically wanting a short digital film.  I should have a quote before too long, so we’ll see.

Seth picked me up at 5:00, which marks the first time in who knows how long that I actually stopped working at 5:00.  We had an uneventful ride to Durham and stopped to eat at Devine’s before going to the game.  Devine’s is a bar/restaurant place not far from the Duke campus and just across the street from Brightleaf Square, right down the road from the Papa John’s where I worked for a summer and the funeral home where Pup Pup’s wake was held.  I’ve never been to Devine’s, which may seem odd since it’s been there a long time and I grew up in Durham, but growing up in northern Durham I really didn’t hang out downtown all that much.

Anyway, I really enjoyed eating there.  Seth knows the owner of the place- Gene Devine, a former Duke football player, so we talked to him and a buddy of his while we had a couple beers and ate some food.

I’d called my dad yesterday to see if he wanted to meet us there and he said that 99% of the time he’d have said yes, but he had to be in Burlington for something for church tonight.  I later found out that Uncle Roy had called and gone there to meet up, but he called at about 5:30 and we didn’t even get there until about 7:30.  I had checked the message after the game because I didn’t have the number in my caller ID and, since I was in a car at the time and wouldn’t be much help to a client at the time I let it go to voicemail.  I wish I’d checked it just so I could have told him when we were going to be there.

Anyway, even though Amanda had a rough night, I had a great time tonight.

Zach Dotsey